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How Long Should A History Essay Be

A Higher History essay must have at least 3 paragraphs but 4 paragraphs is good practice. Overall there is a total of 16 marks available across the essay paragraphs. Try to use the same...

  • The introduction should be proportional to the essay’s length. In an essay under 3000 words, the introduction is usually just one paragraph. In longer and more complex essays, you might need to lay out the background and introduce your argument over two or three paragraphs. The conclusion of an essay is often a single paragraph, even in longer essays.

  • this should be contained in one fully developed paragraph (one sentence does not make a paragraph!). 2. the purpose of the Body of the essay is to present the pieces of evidence that support your essay, and to deal with any evidence to the contrary. The body must convince the reader of the validity of your hypothesis by developing an argument,

  • written history, specifically the peculiarities of different works, scholars, or schools of thought). Some papers emphasize social or cultural history, others political or military history, and still others intellectual or economic (or any other genre of) history. In undergraduate courses, you’ll most likely notice a distinc-

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